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Having the finest quality equipment is very important to John. He always carries back-up equipment as well.
John's set-up includes the following.

-2 JBL PRX 812W powered speakers (1500 watts apiece) for the highest quality sound.

-2 JBL PRX 612M powered speakers (1000 watts apiece) for backup or additional speakers.

2 EV ZXA1 powered subwoofers (600 watts apiece) for thunderous low end.

-1 Bose L1 Compact high end speaker for backup and/or Ceremonies and Cocktail Hours.

-2 Laptop Computers for DJ/Karaoke. Both computers use Intel i7 processors and have 8GB of RAM for high speed
operation. Each laptop is loaded with the latest Virtual DJ 8.2 software from Atomix and the CompuHost Karaoke V3
software system from Invicion. All music is stored on 2 Western Digital MyPassport 4TB Hard Drives. One for main and one for back-up.
iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Music and Virtual DJ Content Unlimited are also loaded onto each computer as an instant backup player
should the DJ program cease operation and need to be restarted (never happens!) and an America Audio SD Card Player (see below).


- 1 American Audio SDJ1 SD Card mp3 player. Immediate backup and operation should each computer blow up on a job!!!
It won't likely happen but the SDJ1 operates like a dual CD player except that it plays mp3 files off of those little photographic SD cards.
Each 4GB SD Card holds 35 CD's worth of songs. No computer needed and my music library is fully backed up onto SD Cards.
John also carries an American Audio SDJ2 SD card player with a built in mixer for outdoor ceremonies as well as a Windows 10
based Tablet Computer loaded with Virtual DJ 8.2.

4 Shure PGX24 Multi Channel UHF Wireless Microphone Systems with SM58 Handheld Mic elements and
WL183, WL185 and WL93 Lavalier microphones. They work everytime!!!

1 Denon MC6000 Four Channel state of the art DJ/Mixer-Controllerr
Offering real-time control over all of the Virtual DJ 8.2 parameters
and a Korg Kaoss DJ Controller for immediate backup, if neccesary.

Voco Pro UHF-5800 Professional 4 channel Wireless Microphone sytem for Karaoke.

1 Behringer X-Air 16 Digital Mixer with Effects and wireless tablet for maximum audio control. Features include
extra microphone inputs, extra sound distribution for your video person and for Karaoke mics or DJ backup.
And, a Yamaha MG12UX analog mixer with built in effects for ceremonies and backup.

Additional sound equipment for events of over 500 guests is available at an extra charge. I always carry 250 ft. of extension cables
for AC power and plenty of extra microphone and instrument cables as well as every adaptor in the universe. I also carry high end
Shure lavalier and handheld wireless microphones for wedding ceremonies.

A Chauvet Gig Bar IRC effect lighting system is also provided at no
additional charge for each event.


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